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One of the fastest growing companies in the mortgage industry, this privately held organization has been featured as part of Inc. 500 multiple times for its incredible growth rate. With their mission to provide “old school” customer service while staying ahead of the trend in implementing better technology, the group chose to partner with Reax for its discovery process to keep them true to their company mission.

The Challenge

The CTO wanted to update and move forward with the most modern and fast tech stacks for their internal applications. However, they didn’t have the resources to allocate time to explore which tech stacks would be the best option. With a team that was already tasked with ongoing projects, assigning side projects to developers inside the organization would interrupt their existing workflow and could cause delays.

Our Process

In order to guide the organization in an exploration process of finding the best tech stack to fit the needs of their application, we began by inspecting the existing front-end component of their Account Executives app, written entirely in jQuery.

Before writing out any new code, we took time to understand the existing code base and their logic for how they built the application. We were also briefed on how the application was used by their team members.

One of the directives from the CTO was to test out the rebuilds using languages that had some staying power. Our team suggested two languages based on their specifications: the JavaScript frameworks Angular2.js and React with Redux.

In the process, we also examined the application’s interface and made recommendations that would improve usability and user experience.

The Solution

In rebuilding with Angular2.js and React with Redux, the organization was able to get a thorough, unbiased brief on the the frameworks, as well as usability suggestions that they may not have realized before.

With each rebuild, we sat down with the technical team at the organization and walked through the new framework concepts while giving the pros and cons of each framework. We were able to introduce modern best practices including the use of SASS, TypeScript and ES6 features.

We supplied the CTO and the company with the information to make a confident decision on which front-end frameworks to move forward with in current and future projects.

After the rebuild of the project, we created a guide to learning React and Redux.