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Let's build out your idea.

The start-up road can be long and challenging, but with the right steps, it can also be a smooth process that leads to success. We want to sit down with you and help build out a product that will turn into a profitable business.

Votus was launched in October 2014 by three students who saw a need to create a product that would help cut through the noise of politics and make public opinion relevant again.

As a civic tech start-up focused on making political engagement easy and effective, the challenge extended beyond simply building a platform that functioned. It ultimately had to serve the people.

For such an exciting challenge of building an app to help turn public opinion into action, Votus approached the Reax team. We evaluated the team and potential for the product and decided on a cash equity structure.

The Challenge

  • Getting the start-up off the ground. The founders of Votus had a vision and needed a team to fine-tune and build out the MVP.
  • Incorporate user feedback from the first iteration, and take the initial product to the next level.

The Process

We played a part in the high-level planning of Votus, where we helped improve the main concepts for the platform. We found ways to increase user engagement and collect data that would be valuable to politicians, NGOs, and organizations pushing for policy changes. Throughout the process, we conducted sprint planning to review the product backlog items and the goals for the next sprint.

The Solution

The Votus platform now truly connects ordinary people to the political process without the biases of media or special interests, and provides lawmakers with real data of the issues important to their community.

    Tech Stack
  • Ionic2 for the mobile app, which relies heavily on Angular2
  • Phoenix Elixir for the API development

The first iteration of the app combined users’ location and interests to create a personalized score, which provided voting recommendations based on survey answers. Users could select specific interests, including economy, budget, public safety, and education. The app helped users vote by allowing the user to apply for an absentee ballot, find the closest polling location, and register to vote.

We deployed the first iteration of the product during the 2015 local election cycle, which helped Votus gain interest in local communities, gain feedback from the users and attract potential investors.

The next iteration will include a reddit-style forum for political discussion that groups users based on their local districts and city regions. We are currently working on it — stay tuned!